Published on 16 November 2016

Young Members of Parliament met at the House of Commons on Friday 11 November

On Friday 11 November around 300 Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) from across the UK came together at the House of Commons to talk and debate matters that are important to young people.

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people, just like the YMA.

The Youth Parliament is made up of MYPs elected by other young people to represent youth voice. Were you one of the 978,216 (woah…) young people that voted in the recent Make Your Mark vote? It was this campaign that decided what the MYPs were going to debate and vote on at the annual House of Commons gathering. These were:

  • A curriculum to prepare youth for life
  • Tackling racism and religious discrimination
  • Make public transport cheaper, better and accessible for all
  • Votes at 16
  • Stop cuts that affect the NHS.

After a whole day of debates the MYPs voted to campaign for votes at 16 and a curriculum for life in 2017. Here at the YMA, we think these are top priorities!

Lowering the voting age to 16 would mean an extra 1.5 million people can have their voices heard, something the YMA truly believes in. And the ‘Curriculum for Life’ is a desire for an overhaul of current citizenship and PSHE lessons at school, so young people can instead learn genuine life skills.

We think it’s really important that young people’s views are represented meaningfully too. Although a new project for south Lewisham, what the YMA is offering young local residents and students is new and exciting. Young Makers have the power to influence real change within the neighbourhood by finding and delivering youth-friendly solutions to matters important to young people.

Not every young person can become an MYP but if you’re 13-19 and live in Beckenham Hill, Bellingham or Downham you can get involved in the YMA.

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For more information about the Youth Parliament click here.